Starting the Countdown to Summer at Klatskin Day Camp of NJ

Summer has officially come and gone. Swimsuits have been traded for notebooks and the kids are off to school! But just because the next season at Neil Klatskin Day Camp is still 10 months away, does not mean it is too early to begin the countdown! We have compiled some fun new tips for beginning your countdown to the start of the 2014 season here in Northern New Jersey, and making this school year fly. 

1. Starting September 25th,2013, Dump a bag of 270 M&Ms into a glass jar. At the end of each day, treat yourself to one M&M. By the time all the M&Ms run out, it will be the first day of camp!

2. Hang 10 small paper shapes on your wall. At the end of each month, decorate this paper with some stickers. Before you know it, the 10th month will be up and you'll be off to camp. Plus, you'll have a cool new wall decoration.

3. Make a paper chain. Number each paper with the number of days until camp! (ex. the first link will say 0, the last will say 50). Each day, remove the end link. Finally, you will reach the paper that says 0 days! 

4. Make little drawings or notes about camp on square sticky notes. Stick them to random pages of your school notebooks and textbooks. When you see them, you'll be super excited about the start of camp.

5. Make a playlist of about 40 fun, upbeat, summery songs that remind you of camp. Starting on the 40th day until camp, wake up each morning to one of the songs on the playlist as your alarm, or blast it in the shower or as you play online. Once the playlist has run out of songs, camp is here!

These fun ideas will keep you excited about the start of Camp Klatskin all year round. Plus, it will remind you when it is important to start getting ready for co-ed day camp in Tenafly, New Jersey. Camp Klatskin is the best summer experience for children going from Pre-K to 6th grade, even up into 10th grade in our CIT program. Klatskin offers a variety of activities aiming to keep the summers fun and active, while strengthening jewish identities. For more information visit us online or call 201-567-8963

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